15" The Tree of life Crucifix 
This is a one of a kind Crucifix made in America with love and devotion. The Cross is crafted from hard durable enduring resin and the detail is absolutely amazing. The body of Christ is polished metal from Italy. 
It is my prayer that this Crucifix will find a home in ones heart and bring comforting peace and the humility of Jesus to one’s home. 
In Christ 
RH Studio
Rich Horrell / Artist / Cross Maker
$44.95 Includes Shipping
True Hand Crafted Crosses and Crucifixes for your Home, Parish, Friends and Family  Call 530-903-0121  Visit www.crossinthescriptures.com     email: rchorrel@aol.com

  • Overview
  • Handmade item
  • Materials: Resin Cross, Metal Body
  • The Cross is Hand Painted / detailed
  • Only ships to United States from Diamond Springs, California.
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 At this site you will discover beautiful unique hand crafted Crucifixes. These Crucifixes make a perfect gift for any friend, family member, Parish Priest, Deacons and our Seminarians. They will cherish this gift of the Crucifix for their entire life. Each of my wall hanging Crucifixes are made with love and great care. Who do you know that would appreciate one of these Crucifixes? 
Tree of Life Crucifix Collection By RHCrosses
Resin replicated from the finest designs 
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